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bolera ollve oil preparation

The Story..Thus far..

Bolera Olive Oil is an olive oil producing and bottling company registered and based in Rhodes, Greece. As part of the Pivatell/ Granted Network LLC, 


The new brand officially launched after the initial trial run of 200 bottles of the oil was exported and sold. 


The quality of our oil derives from a family-owned olive grove that is harvested in Rhodes. The farmers supervise the olive cultivation to make the produced olives reach a high-quality standard. Moreover, the processing partnership complies with ISO 22000 and IFS international standards and conforms to PGI and PDO certifications. Bolera Olive Oil has also been approved by the FDA for the United States. 


The partnership ensures perfect quality control from cultivation through bottling via traditionally equipped facilities. 


Bolera Olive Oil and Health Products is a 100% export company. TRY US! 

Version 1 Bolera Olive Oil
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