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Pivatell Network/Granted Distribution

Pivatell Network /Granted Distribution is a registered Limited European Union Company based in Dublin, Ireland and a Limited Liability company located in Fort Pierce, Florida. 

The initial flagship company (Granted) was registered in 2004 in both Ireland and Germany 2004 by the Fitts III family entertainment conglomerate. It wasn't until mid-2017 that noted businessman James E. Lane, added value and a shared passion for expanding in digital avenues in the new modern era. 

Bolera 4 Letter Films was established as we all had a growing concern in regards to legitimate independent films that were getting lost in the overly saturated film festival circuit. Some films were not being shown due to the equality and easy access of submitting to small film festivals with zero intentions of films landing on screens. We witnessed the self-perpetuated issued "festival laurels" that had no value to generate revenue for the proper filmmakers. The resolution in our eyes was simple. We thought; "Why not create a channel or network that maintained the traditional value of film entertainment." 

The quality of films that you, the viewer, experience on our App or OTT channel speaks for itself. 

The WorthJourney (Worthwhile Journal) was incorporated due to 

amount of reviews that were written to compliment indie filmmakers. The publication is also there to highlight other actors/artists that may be in a position to utilize the publication. 

It is as simple as that. This is what and who Bolera 4 Letter Films are. Thanks for joining us, we will strive in maintaining your trust by delivering respected time consuming content. 

The Composition of
Bolera 4 Letter Films

Pivatell Network/ Granted Distribution LLC.

The primary owners of the channel which is registered in America and Ireland for the European Union.  

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The Worthwhile Journal/ WorthJourney

The official physical and digital magazine which is operated by qualified journalists and tenured media personnel. Est. 2012

Crownn Recording Group

The official promoters and event coordinators for "Live Stream" events. 

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4 Letter Films 

The OTT section is a part of our app and channel. It is there for the  convenience of those who wish to view our channel via their computer and television directly- CLICK HERE:

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